Xadrez do Pentagono

Introducing our new stallion 

imported from Brazil

Double Dilute Lusitano stallion imported from Brazil. Impeccable bloodlines of Donaire and Stef VA. We are forever indebted to Florian and Roberta Pass of Sucandi not only for their patience but their ability to find 

and sell us this once in a lifetime stallion!

He will be an outstanding breeding stallion for those who like to breed color as he does not have grey 

in his bloodline. Xadrez is a son of Donaire, one of the top isabel stallions in Brazil. Donaire himself is 

a son of the black bullfighter stallion Quimono. Quimono is also on Xadrez pedigree from Dam side. 

He is the sire of Dito, another black stallion, who produced lot’s of color in Brazil, including many 

isabel, such as Xadrez’s dam Stef. That means that Xadrez is a pure isabel from isabel sire and dam. 

He has no grey gene whatsoever.


Xadrez will be staying at The Park with Bruce Howard and Nancy to further his training under saddle as well as Driving, PLUS standing at stud (in California) till March 2008. After which he will be coming home to breed our PRE mares, and other Merlin and Campanillero 111 daughters for ALL single dilute (palomino, Buckskin, smoky black) foals in 2009! He will also be breeding our 3 double dilute mares for 100% Double Dilute foals!