Festival M

Festival M is a beautiful snow-white grand-daughter of the Spanish Military Stallion Leviton.  Leviton is the sire of the Olympic Dressage horse Evento (rated 11th in Dressage in the World).

Festival is a very lively moving mare with lots of lift and suspension.  Not only is she pretty to look at, “Fesi” totally adores babies and small children… completely ignoring their pokes, pulls and accidental swats!  Truly a sweet mare, she passes her nature on to her foals along with her overall style.  Fesi’s sire Regalado II passed away at a very young age due to colic while he was in Grand Prix training.

This top dressage line can be purchased in-utero for only $6,000 Can.  (Her foals have sold 2-3 times as much U.S.)