Victoria McIntire wrote:

To whom it may concern:

In 2001 Fox Run Farm purchased two purebred PRE weanling fillies from Sereena.

Since we were over 2500 miles away, we relied upon video and photographs to choose our beautiful babies.

Our weanlings came to us as represented and there we no ‘surprises’ in their quality. It was a very long trip for two little girls but they settled in and quickly prospered. We are very pleased with the way they have matured and there have been no physical or medical problems with them.

We were treated honestly, fairly and respectfully in our transaction and received quality horses for our price. I would look once again to Sereena if we were in the market to add to our herd.

Victoria McIntire and
Ronald Phillips
Fox Run Farm
Andalusians and
Richmond, Kentucky

Andy— wrote:  Thanks Sereena for my wonderful colt.  I love him so much, he is everything we had hoped for.  Thanks also for your help in getting him all the way home.  It was such a long trip for the little guy and not sure we would have survived without your assistance.  Thanks also for your help in getting his papers done.  Registration takes so long and there are so many parts to deal with.  I know it has been hard work.  Give my love to the beautiful Campie and Festaval.

Julie Littleton, OK

“Carmen J. Ritz”  wrote:

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Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 22:34:38 -0600


 Esti is wonderful- everything and more than I had wanted and hoped for in my first Andy stallion. Our transaction while challenging due to distance and circumstances was positive, honest, and fair.  Being a successful horse trainer for over 20yrs now (and ALL of my business comes from referrals-NO advertising), I have participated directly and indirectly in many horse purchases.  There are some people that I will never recommend or refer to for horses.  Sereena, I will happily refer my clients and others to you!! You are honest, down to earth and have wonderful horses from a well thought out breeding program.  Estimado’s temperament, movement, mind are just awesome AND just what I wanted for my Andy.  I told you what I was looking for and you directed me towards Esti.  If anything was off it was that you did not think Esti was very baroque…and I believe that he is growing up to be very baroque in his looks/conformation.    


Best regards,

Carmen J. Ritz, M.S.

Pagosa Springs, CO 

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Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 17:50:47 -0800
In May of 2005 I purchased a yearling filly from Swan Creek Andalusians.  On Swan Creeks Web site it says “Where dreams come true” and in my case this was so with the purchase of my beautiful filly.   Sereena of Swan Creek was very prompt at answering my “Many” emails and “Many” questions.  She also has been very accommodating and helpful in the “after purchase care” even though it has been over a year since I purchased this filly from her.   I have and will continue to recommend Swan Creek Andalusians and Sereena to friends, family and acquaintances.  Kimberly Schwarz, Fort St John, B.C. Canada.

way to go on your new Lusitano! The Arab and Andalusian where proud to have you  representing them and the Lusotano  most definitely will too!…..AB

……it is unlikely that we would of gotten into this breed had we not found and dealt with you. You have nothing to hide and pointed things out we would never of noticed and many people would not of told us about! Excellent rep. for this breed!…ID
……unreal! We felt like we matter! Even after 18 years it stills feels like home when we come and do business! First it was Arabian now Andalusians! We will be breeding to your new Lusitano now too!…..AB
….beautiful, straight movement.  Huge dark eyes, upright neck and a gentle, sensitive temperament.  He is quick, intelligent, and does everything with a royal flair…….SASK
 They are just naturally people oriented, kind, and very willing…SC
…..what a pleasure and joy doing business with you! Your horses are  the best we`ve seen anywhere!…..WASH

Dennis & Ginger Vosburg < wrote:

Hi Sereena,
you never  misrepresent the horse….   we got a really beautiful filly that produced one of the finest foals we ever had.  Regretfully we sold her due to circumstances.  ……
Wishing you the best, Ginger
p.s.  here is the gorgeous filly produced by Lluviosa:

thank you for all your help.You are a kind and wonderful person who puts her horses above money, which I am finding is a rarity in this breed!….AL
….your knowledge of this breed and horses in general is outstanding! Thank you!….NJ
……we love her classic Andalusian looks and of course her sweet, sweet temperament….WISC


…your excellent name  in the way you honestly and continuously deal with people and present your horses don`t do you justice! My family has been dealing and breeding horses for 40 years and finally we found someone who is as honest as we are in representing the horses for sale and at stud! Have you ever thought of getting back into the Quarter Horse??…AB

…..easy going , is very smooth to ride. He is showing that he can be very responsive and willing to try. He has the makings of a good hunter type jumper, thick, strong, wide chest with excellent bone….OR
…… has all the smooth, athletic movement needed for dressage or cattle work. This is a very sensitive horse that can be calm or full of fire. His fluid motion makes him stand out…AB
…..kind words will never do justice in the way you handle your horses and clients….seeing is believing. Thanks for  introducing us to your wonderful breed!…BC
… we can not say enough kind words about the way you conduct your business! You know your horses, even the foals inside and out and have been the most honest and caring horsewoman we`ve ever meet! Thank you!……MAINE
…..willing and has high stamina. He displays good lift, forward action with a very wide chest with excellent bone and is a pleasure to ride….WY
…what a pleasure it is to work with you.  It is hard to find honest people in the horse industry especially in the Andalusians!…..NY
…..Great movement, great temperament! He has the potential to excel in any discipline including upper level dressage…QUEBEC
…..Good mind, tons of athletic ability and is already displaying excellent gaits…ONT
…..wonderfully tempered people-loving mare with bold, powerful movement…BC
…..she is wonderful, and we are blessed to have her…… BC
……is absolutely stunning to behold, both in conformation and disposition….IN
…..kind, trainable, and very willing to please. We have had her out on the trail ……a wonderful trail partner……MONTANA
…….stands true to the Andalusian trait of loving humans, and I am forever grateful to have her in my life…….BC
I just wanted to touch base.  The colts are doing great.  I will get some photos for you soon. 
 I am so pleased with them.  They are truly quality colts with straight movement, and wonderful minds. I have no doubt they will both be competitive in dressage or whatever else we attempt. You were very straight forward about them being ranch raised foals, and although they were minimally handled and allowed to gow up naturally, their quality bloodlines are making their handling and training exceptionally  easy. They are actually nicer to handle than the german warmbloods I bred and raised myself, especially Gallahad he is just a jewel.  They are just naturally people oriented, kind, and very willing. You can quote me on anything, and I will keep you updated. 
Thanks Again
Kim, North Carolina

..They just got here!  They look great.  Came off the trailer bright eyed and sensible-their eyes were so wide open coming out of the trailer and looking around.  They are still babies and I can’t wait to get to know them. …NC

….Thank you so so very much for  such a fine horse.

I feel so lucky…..LS
…it is doubtful that we would of ever gotten another horse had we not of came across your website! Your honesty and easy going manner with a good dose of professionism makes buying a breeze and a joy!..NWT
..…your horses are everything you said they would be! And more! Thank you for your help in finding us our soul mates. You where right on the money!….ALASKA