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Partial Dispersal Sale

Partial Dispersal of light horses!  I am concentrating more on Draft Friesians and Mules after 30+ years in the light horse industry!!!

Not including grand and great grand foals, I would say I have a pretty strong breeding program since I switched the program back in 1995 but only started showing again in 2004 
Accomplishments of Swan Creek Sires 
Merlin 1 records:
Canadian Andalusian Show Record
Offspring placings:
1st, Andalusian Jr. Gelding
1st, Andalusian Sr. Gelding
Champing Andalusian Gelding
1st, English Pleasure Hunt Seat
1st, Andalusian Dressage Suitability
1st, English Pleasure
High Point Youth 2004, 2005, 2006
1st, Western Pleasure Youth
1st, Hunter Hack Youth
1st, Andalusian English Pleasure
1st, Andalusian Western Pleasure Open
1st, Andalusian Western Pleasure Amateur
2nd, Andalusian Dressage Training Level, Test 1
1st, Andalusian Dressage Equitation Youth

Campanillero 111 records: (I have one hispano daughter his and she is producing out standing foals!)
Show record before purchase:- 1999 top 5 IALHA 2 and under colts (15 in class)
- 2000 Champion PRE 2 and under colts and Reserve Champion IALHA Junior
- 2 and under colts in which Champion placed third in PRE class IALHA show.
- Second in Amateur handler - Stallions of all Ages - IALHA show 
After I got Camp he was ONLY ranch trained for 6 1/2 months at the time and did the following:
-2004 1st Canadian Andalusian Show
- 1st in Hunter English Pleasure
- 2nd in Dressage with score of 70
- 3rd in Dressage Suitability
- 2005 Canadian Andalusian Show
- 1st Sport Horse in-Hand
- 2nd Andalusian Hunter Hack
- 2nd Andalusian Dressage Suitability
- 2nd Dressage, First level, Test 1
- 2nd Dressage, First level, Test 2
- 1st Dressage, Second level, Test 1
- 2006 Canadian Andalusian Show
- 1st Andalusian Native Tack and Attire
- 2nd Musical Kur
- 1st Andalusian Dressage, Second Level, Test 1
- 2nd Andalusian Dressage, Second Level, Test 2

Both Shads and Sueno where not shown and their foals are just getting out there. 

Shads colt out of Mascara (we have a Mascara colt for sale by Sueno)
* National Champion of 2 year old colts 
* National Champion of Amateur to handle stallion 
* First place in 2 year old halter 
* Alberta Morgan, Saddlebred, and Andalusian regional show - Regional champion top placing for halter junior stallions
* Alberta Morgan, Saddlebred, and Andalusian regional show - First place in junior stallion halter class
* National Champion of Andalusian Pure/Half English Pleasure Jr. Horse - 
* Reserve National Champion Andalusian Pure/Half Dressage Suitability Jr Horse 
* Reserve National Champion Andalusian Pure/Half Western Pleasure Jr. Horse 
* Reserve National Champion Andalusian Jr Stallion Halter 
* Top five Best Movement 
* 3 rd Place Sport Horse in hand

More Merlin get placings:

Merlin X Festival 2007 colt (Valeen is a full sister to this colt and we have Black Fillies by Shads and Sueno out of her for sale)
* National Hi point Champion of Amateur Division
* Reserve National Champion of Dressage suitability Amateur Division
* Overall Hi point Champion of PAAHL's Qualifying Andalusian Show
* Multi Top Five Awards at Canadian National Andalusian Show
* Alberta Morgan, Saddlebred, and Andalusian regional show - Multiple placings in various divisions against both other breeds and Andalusians
Merlin daughter 
Show accomplishments for 2012:
* Reserve National Senior Halter 1/2 andalusian mare 
* National Champion Half Andalusian Dressage Suitability Amateur 
* First place in Half Andalusian English Pleasure Hunt Seat Amateur 
* Reserve National Champion Half Andalusian English Pleasure Amateur 
* First Place Andalusian / Half Andalusian Hunter Hack Open 
* Second Place Baroque Hunter Hack Open 
* National Champion Half Andalusian Western Pleasure Open

I do have to find the placing on Contessa (Connie <Campie X Duchee>) as Well As a Purebred filly by Camp X Aurilea A (we have an even better Merlin X Aurilea A daughter in program <Dezy>)Way too many placing as we are now seeing grand get and great grand get and even great great grand get hitting the show ring. Not to mention the many non-showing working ranch and family pleasure horses produced. Since 1984, over 500 foals have been produced. Swan Creek has started off many many, now very successful breeding operations and strengthened already established farms in the US.However, after over 3 decades and no help to continue training I have decided to cut way down and concentrate on just the Draft, Friesian, Curly Draft and Curly/Draft Mule programs. 

A few of the Andalusian mares are being kept for Warlander and Mule making.Even Shads is for sale. He really is wasting away here as I do not or have not been breeding much the last few years.I even have a few impossible to find Merlin 1 daughters for sale. Started when younger and left open for 2015.Pure Bred and Partbred Andalusian/Lusitanos starting at $1500 and up to $12000 for mature mares. Some young mares are higher. 

All open to SERIOUS Cash offers. Cash always talks as I would like to see these horses go to working and loving homes. However this is NOT a FIRE-SALE. I DO not HAVE TO SELL THEM BUT AM WILLING TO DO TERMS, DISCOUNTS, AND PACKAGE DEALS WITH UP TO 40%* off on some package deals.*Conditions apply so don`t be thinking you can buy the cheapest horses listed just so you can get the highest for almost half off!

PLEASE NOTE AND READ THE FOLLOWING: NO HORSE CAN LEAVE TILL PAID FOR IN FULL. Board will apply after a certain date. Should purchasers wish for mares to be bred, resulting foals cannot leave till mares are paid for in full nor registered. REGISTRATION AND TRANSFERS BUYERS RESPONSIABLITY UNLESS OTHER WISE AGREED UPON. Any and all deposits and payments are none-refundable. I am not a bank but am willing to work with purchasers if they cannot get a bank, but like a bank monies paid are not returned if you cannot keep to contract. No penalties if contract paid off sooner as rather they are gone sooner. Less work for me. Horses on terms cannot be handled, done that before and ended up with a mess! Visits must be arranged to make sure I am home and have time. No one will be left alone with any horse. Again have done that and I fully regretted it. There are NO GAURANTEES WRITTEN OR IMPLIED. ALL HORSES SELL AS IS. VET EXAMS MUST BE DONE ON FARM. THIS IS A DISPERSAL, SERIOUS CASH OFFERS WELCOME BUTI REPEAT...THIS IS NOT A FIRE-SALE THOUGH HORSES ARE PRICED BELOW THEIR VALUE.

Hypoalergenic Buffalo ​Curly For Sale
CINCO DORADO SCF - Sept 14, 2012

Palomino Load Overo extremely curly coated colt by BNC Big Ben and out of Paint SCF by the great Dressage stallion Merlin 1 (Andalusian). He stands 16hh as of dec 2014, and expected to get 16.2-16.3hh! Fast, lovely and super movement for ranch, english and of course driving!


​PSL For Sale
Pure Spanish For Sale
MINI-AUSTIN - May 2013 Colt- Shads X Mini-Me by Merlin

Buckskin 3/4 Andalusian pony colt.  Expected to get to 13.2 hh

​Purebred Spanish/Portugese For Sale
Buckskin Andalusian x Curly colt out of a Ben Daughter.  Big THick Fellow and great mover! Expected to get 15.2-15.3hh

​1/4 Andalusian Buffalo Curly For Sale

Sueno x Goldie

Half Andalusian half Belgian 2014 colt.  Oh if he were a filly he would be staying! Real Love bug and adores his face rubbed! expected to get between 16.3-17.1HH at maturity

​3/4 Andalusian For Sale
Purebred Smokey black 2012 Purebred colt.  Shads x Delirios Sissy (Double Merlin).  Expected mature height 15.1-15.2hh.  Has pastured all summer now with other colts and mature stallion across from mares, so very respectful and nicely conditioned.  Has the trademark Merlin Roaning in flanks!


Half andalusian Curly Suffolk bred sooty palomino 2014 colt.  Expected to mature 15.1-15.2hh

​1/2 Andalusian For Sale

Palomino Splash Overo 2014 Curly/MFT Filly by Big Ben.  Both eyes are Brown.  Like Dam winter coat only shows white.  Big Filly expected to get 15.3-16hh and on the draftier side.  


​1/2 Andalusian x Buffalo Curly For Sale
Sept 2014 LOUD overo buckskin Filly, by Big ben and out of Merlin Daughter Paint SCF, making her 1/4 Andalusian.  Both eyes are blue


Xadrez Do Pentagano - Perlino PSL stallion!

​Imported from Brazil. Nice working ranch horse. Driven to. Easy on all types of fences. Pasture and hand breeds. Great with foals to 2 year olds that are not his. Mares leave him with their babies to baby sit. PRIVATE TREATY do not even ask if you are not 100% interested in this Perlino super
sire! (EeAaCrCr)


Jacaranda - PSL Mare!

​Chestnut-GREY. Lusitano. Imported from Portugal. Pure Viega. Open for 2015 by choice. Will be breeding in April/May to my Friesian or 56 inch mammoth Jack 

Katy SCF- PSL Mare!

​2013 Deep Palomino with snow white mane and tail. Lusitano, pure Viega.  Shads x Jacky

$20 000

Black-Grey. Imported from Costa Rica. Open by choice for 2015. Has been rode. Will be breeding in April/May to my Friesian or 56 inch mammoth Jack.


Mascara II SCF

2011 Filly, Smoky Black, Shads X Mascara filly. Will be breeding to my friesian or 56" Mammoth Jack in April/May

Surora SCF 

Sueno x Kileos Aurora (QH)

 Will be breeding to my Friesian or 56 inch Mammoth Jack in April/May


2014 Bay filly by a ¾ bred Merlin son X Campanillero daughter, out of Trigga. 



1999 Buffalo Curly mare Willow. Has been saddled. Nice foals 14 hands Bred to Big Ben (Suffolk, Percheron, Belgian, Mustang). Wonderful foals from this line.