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2014 Foals 

Willing to do package deals.

Haven't been able to afford your dream? 

- consider buying a foal in-utero.

Ask us for details. Following colours may be available :

Buckskin, smoky black, palomino, perlino, cremello, smoky cream or grey.

All foals from Shads and Sueno will carry cream gene which can be passed on.

Shipping rates depend on destination.

If buying in Canada please ask about GST.

 Package deals and SERIOUS CASH OFFERS always considered as well as some TERMS Available.

Mascara x Sueno Smokey Black Greying Colt

Nicely put together Purebred smokey black colt that will grey out.  

Gaia x Sueno Smokey Black Filly

Tsosoni x Sueno Palomino half Andalusian Curly Coated Colt

Goldie x Sueno SILVER BUCKSKIN Colt

This colt will be HUGE, and he carries the silver gene! 

Babe x Ben

Palomino Overo Curly Filly

Bow x Xagaio

Bay 3/4 andalusian Filly

Shads x Jackie

Palomino pure Lusitano colt.


Lukkie x Sueno

Smoky black Warlander colt.

Coyote x Sueno

Palomino Curly colt

Contessa x Sueno

Bay Hispano Filly

Ben x Willow 

Bay Curly Colt

Granny x Ben

Curly Filly

Paint x Ben

Buckskin Overo Curly Filly

Velvet x Ben

Bay Tobiano Curly Filly

Aucky x Sueno

Buckskin Curly Colt

Trigga x Tovero

Bay part andalusian Filly