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All foals from Shads and Sueno will carry cream gene which can be passed on.

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Providing exceptional horses for buyers from cross Canada and the U.S. The low prices reflect our very low over head and the current national economy, not the quality of horses. All horses we offer for sale are guaranteed to have a clean health history. Any known problems are disclosed before purchase. Casual inquiries are welcomed.

We also offer a non commissioned referral service for our clients.

May 19, 2012 Purebred Veiga x Bocado bred Andalusian Colt by Sueno out of Merlin daughter Gaia -

Smoky black with silver tail - very rare and will be a stand out! 

Stud Prospect.
Curly Foals 

March 20 2012 - Another Shads (Xadrez do Pentagono) foal out of the Buffalo-Curly mare Coyote.
Curly Coated Buckskin half Lusitano filly. Tested hypo-allergenic. Very very sweet and fine.

Xapartacus SCF

March 20, 2012 -By Xadrez Do Pentagono and out of Aucky (Buffalo-Curly)
Curly coated Perlino Half Lusitano.

Allergic to horses but always wanted a Lusitano or Andalusian? Here he is! Will get to 16+ hands and very solidly built! tested Hypo-allergenic.


Sept 12, 2012 -By BNC Big Ben and out of DKH April Showers(Buffalo-Curly)

Kima is going to be a Solid, strong moving, girl! With her sire being the Only breeding son of Cotton Eyed Joe (exported to Germany) in North America, her bloodline is very hard to get. She will be registered ABCR and/or ICHO and is for sale. BUY back clause on this one as we would keep her if her dam was Older and Kima is just a sweet heart! NOT suitable for Dressage although she moves great. Best suited for ranch/western...but that all depends on the training. MIGHT get to 14.2 hands which is a nice "BIG" size to do anything with. 
Furly SCF

Sept 17, 2012 -By BNC Big Ben and out of Goldie (Belgian)
Curly coated Silver Palomino Half Belgian.

Our 1/2 Belgian stud prospect. Well really Furly is a bit better then 1/2 Belgian with some Suffolk Punch and Percheron blood. The rest is Canadian/US Mustang and a hair of Arabian blood : )We expect Furly to get over 17.2 hands maybe even 18+ and over 2000lbs at maturity. Furly carries the SILVER gene!!!!!
Nickers SCF

September, 2012 -By BNC Big Ben and out of Cypress Nickers (Buffalo-Curly)
Curly coated Bay Colt.

Nickers is going to make someone a super family or trail horse. By Ben and out of the Cypress Nickers` daughter "Granny" he has a lot of great OLD QH breeding. Super sweet colt,it is a shame to let him go!
Tuco SCF

November 22, 2012 -By BNC Big Ben and out of Velvet (Paint x Percheron)
Curly coated Black colt.

Allergic to horses but always wanted a Lusitano or Andalusian? Here he is! Will get to 16+ hands and very solidly built! tested Hypo-allergenic.

Cinco Dorado SCF

Sept 13, 2012 -By BNC Big Ben and out of Paint SCF (Azteca)
Curly coated Palomino Overo Colt.

GOLDEN cross of Iberian X Curly lines! Son of Big Ben and a grand son of our great Merlin 1!

Fuzzy Bunny SCF

Nov 2, 2012 -By BNC Big Ben and out of Adele SCF (Appaloosa)
Curly coated Double Cream Colt.

Fuzzy Bunny is just that..fuzzy and is as cute as a bunny with his lush, silkie curly coat and big blue eyes!