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All foals from Shads and Sueno will carry cream gene which can be passed on.

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April 14, 2010

Rare Buttermilk or Brownskin BUCKSKIN purebred filly by Xadrez do Pentagono out of Dezy (Merlin X Aurilea). Unbelievable breeding. Mane is split like a Fjord so extreme frosting with centre black line. Show and breed.


Providing exceptional horses for buyers from cross Canada and the U.S. The low prices reflect our very low over head and the current national economy, not the quality of horses. All horses we offer for sale are guaranteed to have a clean health history. Any known problems are disclosed before purchase. Casual inquiries are welcomed.

We also offer a non commissioned referral service for our clients.

May 15, 2010

Greying Buckskin filly by Xadrez out of Merlin daughter Valeen


April 4 2010

Golden Buckskin colt with frosting! This purebred colt is by Xadrez out of Merlin daughter Melody!


Rare silver buckskin colt with exceptional movement! Shads x Gaia by Merlin
Pewter colored mane and tail and is not greying due to two non-grey parents. Researchers are looking at these foals expecially Xadgaio as there may be a hidden silver gene.

May 1, 2010

Black possibly greying purebred colt by Xadrez out of Mascara. He is getting very black but we cannot see any grey yet, but we are almost sure he will grey out! Great traditional mover. At this price he is worth the uncertainty of greying or not!


April 9, 2010

Palomino 1/2 Lusitano colt by Xadrez do Pentagono out of Magic (TB mare)


May 16, 2010

Half Andalusian Palomino filly by Xadrez out of the aged mare Aurora. Out standing lines but is not for sale.


March 17, 2010

Born St. Patrick`s Day this double cream colt is by the Spanish imported Sueno (1/2Viega 1/2 Bocado/Military) and out of the unregistered PRE Andalusian mare REO 



March 28, 2010

Smoky Black 1/2 Lusitano colt by Xadrez do Pentagono out of a Percheron cross mare, Velvet. Huge colt, will mature over 17 hands.


Black GREYING colt. PUREBRED Shads X Festival colt! If you want grey, he is priced right as a gelding or stallion prospect. Named Evento after his Uncle and Olympic star.



Marlena smoky black filly. 3/4 Andalusian 1/4 Arabian filly. Shads X Marlena by Merlin. Another super Shads X Merlin line of great movers with out standing temperaments!


Connie filly. 3/4 Andalusian by Shads x Connie by Campanillero. Not sure if she`s smoky brown, smoky black or very sooty buckskin unless we test. But all Shads foals carry the Cream gene! 1/4 Arabian, this is a fancy ,fancy mover!



3/4 Andalusian Grullo coloured colt by Xadrez X Bow-Peep by Merlin. Very solid young colt born June 7, 2010.


3/4 Andalusian, rare smoky black overo FILLY by Shads X Paint by Merlin. Two blue eyes and very eye catching!

Curly Foals

Goldie palomino filly. Sarah is a 1/2 Belgian by Shads X Goldie. Oh wow! if you want a Huge Palomino mare this is it!


Mini-me Buckskin filly. 3/4 andalusian filly by Shads X Mini-me by Merlin. Wow what a mover! Would make a great driving pair with her 2009 sister Mini-bella!



Elko X Paddee filly. Swan Creek Kurly Gale is by our foundation Curly stallion Elko (bred at the original ranch which first caught and bred Curly Mustangs in Nevada) and out of the Dun Curly mare Paddee.  


Elko X Misty Curly. Swan Creek Kurly Kanosa is by our foundation Curly stallion Elko (bred at the original ranch which first caught and bred Curly Mustangs in Nevada) and out of the Brown Curly mare Misty.


Elko x April Dun filly.. Swan Creek Kurly Kisses is by our foundation Curly stallion Elko (bred at the original ranch which first caught and bred Curly Mustangs) and out of the Dun Curly mare April. She lives up to her name too!


Elko x Granny Red Dun curly colt. ReKo is a rare Red Dun with even rarer conformation! Not sure at this time if he will be a smooth coat curly or a curly coated curly yet. This colt you can do anything with. Shoot a gun off over his back (using as a rest), lay down, you name it. Lots and lots of zebra stripes! His sire is a rare 3D branded stallion bred at the original ranch which first caught and bred Curly Mustangs in Nevada. He is a double grandson of Ruby Red King (a Morgan bought to improve the temperament and conformation of the mustang). ReKo`s dam was bred by Cypress Farms and is by the 1/2 QH/Mustang stallion Cypress Nicker and out of the Mustang bred mare Krispy Kreme. So you know you will be getting a very solid and well built working curly with the main goal of the "Damele`s" breeding program fully intact. Curly`s were not bred to just be pets or fibre horses, but true working Ranch horses. With Reko, the conformation and temperament is here!