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All foals from Shads and Sueno will carry cream gene which can be passed on.

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Providing exceptional horses for buyers from cross Canada and the U.S. The low prices reflect our very low over head and the current national economy, not the quality of horses. All horses we offer for sale are guaranteed to have a clean health history. Any known problems are disclosed before purchase. Casual inquiries are welcomed.

We also offer a non commissioned referral service for our clients.


Fabulous colt, definite stallion quality, if Merlin was older this colt would not be for sale! 
2005 BLACK Merlin x Aurelia colt. WOW! 4 socks and star and a snip. Very gentle and quiet. Excellent performance prospect that can show and win in halter. Have we been wrong yet when we say one of our foals could halter? And this colt is one of our best yet!! Excellent Baroque/warmblood type build. 



2005 Colt out of Festival M by Merlin I

Very much like our Black colt only he will be a bit more Baroque in build. More traditional movement and very up right. 



2005 Colt out of Mascara by Campanillero III

Lovely grey colt, beautiful movement - see his pics, click on image. Very nice and very snoopy. Not as quiet nor the same quality as our black colt but he is still a knock out! More warmblood in build than Baroque. 


ESTIMADO SC April 28, 2004 

2004 DUNN Merlin x Aurelia colt. Very correct but will be shorter. Mature to about 15.2 hands ( which is Still BIG!) Very Baroque in build and a real love. Will do anything for a rub. Excellent with children and other horses. Is pastured with his Daddy, another 5 year old unrelated stallion plus a yearling gelding. Loves baths and loads, trims and vets excellently. He is a DUNN...honey colored "bay" but has the dorsal stripe and leg barring. Will NOT and Guaranteed NOT to grey! Will be the first PRE registered as a Dunn ( have sent in photo`s to the IALHA)  

2005 colt out of Reo (non registered andalusian) by Campanillero. 

2005 GREYING Slowly, very slowly, buckskin colt. Dam is our unregistered Cremello PRE mare. WOW I wish this colt could be registered as a purebred! He is his daddy 100%! 

SOLD -  Congratulations Kim! 

June 11, 2005 - Our first mini-Andalusian!

2005 BROWN/BLACK Merlin x Luminata filly. Dam is a Black miniature mare. Oh so sweet!! Will try to jump up into the front of the truck. We only allow her to put her front feet in though. Loves attention. 

BOLERO - January 2006

2005 BLACK-BAY Campanillero x Bows Little Wrangler colt. Will be very tall and is 100% Andalusian/Quarter horse in build. Depends as to how you look at him. He looks either like a full blood Andy or a full bred QH!